Safety must never be compromised. Protecting the public and our employees is the most important part of any work we do. It is the policy of McPherson Contractors, Inc. to perform all work with the highest regard to the safety of all our employees and contract associates.

Safety is an essential part of quality workmanship, and the mark of professionals. The goal of McPherson Contractors, Inc. is to meet or exceed government standards in the performance of our work. Safety is of the utmost importance in the performance of all duties and must not be neglected in emergencies or because of undue haste.

No job is so important or service so urgent that employees of McPherson Contractors, Inc. cannot take the time to perform work safely. Every employee on every project must assume responsibility for safety as a personal duty.
Our employees have direct control over our safety program’s success and benefit most from it.

Download Administrative Safety Manual (PDF)

Download Safety Handbook (PDF)